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Cottia started in 2014 and is an independent designer brand from London, England. It is a famous fashion brand in London. There are 70 physical and online sales agent distributors around the world, mainly engaged in middle and high-end consumer goods such as women's wear, shoes and jewelry.

Since the creation of the brand, Cottia has focused on bringing cost-effective design to every customer, and has gradually established a contemporary independent aesthetic represented by high-quality fabrics, detailed design and simple silhouette. In April 2018, the brand was wholly-owned by the Asian distributor, SZ Raisy E-Commerce Co., Ltd. and was 100% controlled. At this point, Cottia has continued to operate the Raisy team's global fashion strategy to continue the brand's ‘Unique and everlasting’ philosophy.

Cottia represents a modern elegance that in a low-key simplicity with chic style. Since the brand was founded, it has been loved by female consumers in London. Its products are made of materials, using Japanese and Italian brand fabric manufacturers, focusing on the texture and practicality of high-quality fabrics.

Cottia designs and produces four collections a year, each of which is developed around the theme of the season. With the positioning of 'high-class and simple fashion ', customers have a new independent aesthetic vision.